Who is the National Assembly for?

Everybody who is on the Marist Association database.

If you have Expressed Interest, but not completed the Application documents, make sure you do so in coming months, so you can vote for the new Association Council at the Assembly.

Anyone who would like to make a family holiday out of it are encouraged to do so. Partners and children are most welcome at the eucharist on Wednesday 4.15pm, and the Assembly BBQ dinner that follows at 5.30pm


What is the main purpose for the Assembly?

There are two core purposes of the Assembly, that mirror the core purposes of the Association itself:

a. To foster, and continue to vision together, what it is to be a spiritual family of Marists in the life of the Australian church today, celebrating our rich diversity in ministry, life circumstances, and local community.

b. To dialogue, pray, and discern together the things that are most critical, at this time, to bring viability and vitality to Marist mission over the next three years; drawing on our Marist tradition and imagination to be attentive to new edges of service to young people. Also, significant work will be carried out towards identifying the new Association Council.


What are the start and finish times?

Registration will be from 2.00pm on Tuesday 2nd October. The Assembly begins at 4.30pm.

The Assembly will conclude at 3.00pm on Thursday 4th October. If flying out of Adelaide that afternoon, it is recommended to do so after 4.30pm.


When does the Early Bird registration end?

The early bird registration fee of $75 is available until Friday 30th March.

After Friday 30th March, the registration fee is $95.

(Registration covers welcome drinks & nibbles, Tuesday lunch, Wednesday lunch, Wednesday BBQ dinner, and Thursday lunch)


Can I use my Credit Card to pay at the time I register on-line?

Yes, it is easiest to pay by Credit Card at the time of making your registration.

Please note: the PayPal function includes the use of Credit Card.


How do I register?

Simply go to the Homepage of the Marist Association website and scroll down to click on the green registration button:

If you have any concerns, contact Tracey Doublet:

Office: (03) 9389 3175 tracey.doublet@marists.org.au

Accommodation Recommendations?

It will be important to make your arrangements for accommodation soon after you have registered, as it will be school holidays in all States and Territories.

Avoid going online for accommodation, as our inquiries have shown that places block out the holidays as “fully booked” in anticipation of big group bookings.

We have spoken to five accommodation options, the details for which you will find here. Phone directly and be sure that you mention you are attending the Conference at Sacred Heart College.


Register now!

Register before Friday 30th March to take advantage of the early bird fee.

This is the most significant gathering that the Marist Association has hosted to date, and will be a wonderful opportunity to meet with many people from across Australia.