Living on the Edge

The Marist Bridge Builders program offers both short-term and long-term engagements in Australian or International communities.

The Culture of Encounter is the primary value upon which the program is based. This is a Marist program of exchange with an emphasis on sharing the life of our global family in contrast to a conventional needs-based volunteering approach.

Experiencing life within other members of your Marist family allows you to join in the life of a community and along the way be invited to share your knowledge, upskill others or just lend a hand.

Volunteering, or being an Intern, in the Bridge Builders Program will offer you a world of opportunities for knowledge and personal growth. Whether you're a high school graduate, university student, tradesperson, principal, teacher, a retiree, or anyone who wants to get involved!

The Bridge Builders Program starts with your Expression of Interest and then introduces you to communities in the wider Marist Family who may offer you an invitation and a welcome.