Still in Development

Advocacy Desk

Marist advocacy (to speak out on behalf of ….) is dependent on being clear protocols:

What are our areas of interest? What can we say? To whom do we advocate?

Three areas of interest are listed below. The Seekers of Asylum program is in development. Advocacy programs on behalf of the environment and indigenous people are planned.

  1. Seekers of Asylum

We are confronted with the mass movement of peoples as a world phenomenon and how it affects us within our own

Drawing on the experiences of four developments across Marist ministries:

A. Marist180 – Youth at Risk,

B. The Marist (FMSI) internship program of the OHCHR at the United Nations in Geneva,

C. Marist relationship and support for unaccompanied minors who are seeking asylum in Australia,

D. Our developing collaboration with Jesuit Refugee Service and the wider refugee network,

Planning is in progress for the establishment of a Advocacy Desk drawing on the professional capacities of members of the Marist Association and the four key Marist Ministries (MSA; MYM; AMS & Marist180) and associated support services.

Who might be involved?

  • Marists who have some experience or professional capacity in areas such as of Human Rights, Law, Politics, Education and International Development.

  • Marist who have engaged in the FMSI internship program with the UN mechanisms in Geneva.

  • Seekers of Asylum with whom we have had an ongoing relationship

  • Intercongregational and interagency collaborators in the ‘Asylum Seeker Network’

  • Educators who will create programs of advocacy in Marist Schools

  • Marist180 designated as the lead ministry

How to get involved

Possible future areas of Advocacy:

2. Environment and Ecology

3. Indigenous Education