Marist Association Local Groups

Members of Association Local Groups may decide to take on or support a project or program within the scope of the Bridge Builders program. Or they may take on something that meets a need in their local community.

Projects, Programs and Activities

A Specific Activity

A group may decide to support or accompany a once-off activity, for example:

  • Sponsor an Immersion Program

  • Accompany an Immersion Group

  • Fund Raising for specific projects or programs

  • Disaster response (local or national)

Ongoing Projects or Programs

A group could decide to initiate, manage and support an activity that is ongoing, for example:

  • A tutoring program

  • Sponsoring a seeker of asylum

  • A breakfast club in a school

  • A ‘bread run’ for a local community

  • Supporting Marist180 programs

or any other project that the group feels inspired to initiate and take part in, that will meet a specific need.

How can you get started?

Check in with the Association for information on what is happing in other groups, what resources may be available for new ventures or to share your activity program or project with other groups and inspire them!