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National Assembly of the Marist Association

The most striking thing at the beginning of the National Assembly as over 180 Marists made their way to the gathering space was the stark diversity! University students, Brothers, retirees, teachers, social workers, mothers of young children, youth ministers, school principals, staff from the Marist Centres…the list goes on. All players. Game-changers if you like, in their own way, in their own place.

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Drawing on and deepening our connection with
We Marists – Our Hopes and Priorities 2016-2018

The Prophetic Priorities, P1, P2 and P3, are now available below:

2019 Marian Lecture at ACU in Melbourne 2019

  • Featuring a key note presentation by Dr. Bonnie Thurston

Latest Video:  

Members of the Marist Association reflect upon the significance of the Association, and how it will enable Marist mission to continue to reach the lives of young people.

This video was put together for use at the General Chapter in Colombia, September / October 2017.

Marist Bicentenary 2017
Message from Br Peter Carroll fms
Provincial and Leader of the Marist Association