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Local Marist Association Gathering - Mt Carmel Catholic College Varroville NSW

Igor inviting people to reflect and discuss our role in the future of the Marist charism.

On Tuesday, 5th September, 2017, we held a local gathering for existing members and staff interested in the Association. Igor Pletikosa did a wonderful job facilitating this gathering. We explored the issues based on a module from “Growing the Spiritual Family” on Our Gift To the Church. Open and honest discussion was had, with some inspiring sharing from those who attended. We delved into the current secularised world we are living in today and discussed the challenges faced, and what we can possibly do to address these. Afterwards, we had a Thai banquet at a nearby restaurant. Plenty of food and laughs were shared and what came out of this gathering was the sense that “we are not alone in our vocation”. We very much look forward to our next gathering.

For those hesitant about trying this, it is worth the small amount of effort. Keep it simple.

The gathering at Mt Carmel Catholic College.

Damian Sligar
Local Coordinator, Varroville