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Mass and Jubilee Celebration in Melbourne

On Sunday 23rd July, Melbourne Marists celebrated Mass with the Exodus Community at the Banyule Community Health Centre, Heidelberg West. It is always affirming to gather as one. Present on the day were members of the Exodus Community, the Marist Association, MYM and Remar. 

Thanks to all who attended and who assisted in so many ways. 

Not only were we there to pray and worship together – we were also there to celebrate Br Harry Prout’s Golden Jubilee: 50 years a Brother. We congratulate you, Br Harry! Jack Stammers and Hannah Silberstein spoke about Br Harry’s achievements and successes and his great kindness to them when they were part of the Exodus Young Adult Community. We all want to thank you, Br Harry for all that you have done, and are doing – we are grateful to you for your wonderful servant leadership. 

The gathering ended with a scrumptious luncheon. A sincere thank you to all who brought a plate to share.
Gail Coates
Local Coordinator, Melbourne