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Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat: National Assembly

Come - One and All
Marists from across Australia will be descending on the beautiful city of Adelaide in October next year for the first National gathering of its kind. Everyone is invited. Bring partners, kids, and pets (check your accommodation regarding the pets!). Make a holiday of it – it will be Term break in every State and Territory. Three years ago, sixty-five people from the Association were endorsed by their peers, and invited to gather at Mittagong for the first National

Assembly of the Marist Association. The number was restricted to sixty-five simply because of the capacity at The Hermitage, Mittagong. The evaluation of the Assembly showed that it was an incredibly significant event for those there, sparking thinking about trying to include more people come next time. In October 2 – 4, 2018 in Adelaide the Marist Association National Assembly is open to all of us who are a part of the Association. The onus falls to each of us to cover the travel and accommodation costs, which is a poignant moment in the growth and maturity of the Association. Often, by being in schools and other ministries, costs related to events and formation programs are absorbed into operational budgets. On this occasion, we are putting our hands into our pockets to be present. Already, many people
I have spoken to welcome this as a small way of them confirming their commitment to the life of the Association.

The Marist Brothers have made the generous and radical decision to fund much of the operational costs associated with supporting the life of the Association into the foreseeable future - employment, resources, services, administration and the like. This is an enormous statement of belief and trust in the people involved in the Association to continue God’s mission, reaching the lives of young people in Marcellin’s style – the way of Mary. Yes, it is 12 months away. However, I urge you to make a commitment in your mind and heart to be in Adelaide in October next year. Lock it into the calendar. Pay a deposit on accommodation. Encourage others to do the same.

I believe, that by getting a critical mass of people from the Association together in the one place, it will be the most defining moment we have had, as a body of people, to date. It will provide a launching pad into the next three years of life and mission. It will also be festive, a celebration of friendship and shared life. It will be a statement that Marists, and the ministries we lead and support in the Australian church and abroad, are alive and well.

Further details will circulate in coming months. To assist with travel and accommodation bookings, it is helpful to know that the National Assembly will begin at 4.30pm on Tuesday 2 October and conclude at 3.00pm on Thursday 4 October.

Joe McCarthy

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